Family Leisure Walks

These are walks that I have done with my family, or with just with my wife Anne. Some are walks I have completed in Snowdonia, when I was more capable of getting up "hills". You will note that recent walks have been less adventurous but I have found them equally enjoyable.

Some of my favourite ones are those walked in the Peak District, where, although the elevations are less high, the scenery can be very dramatic.

I also have a fondness for the walks undertaken in the Dales. Unlike Snowdonia and the Peak District and the nearby "Lakes" this area seems to have less visitors and the empty open spaces are very appealing, although the three Peaks are without doubt major attractions.

And although Anne considers that we have now "done" Malta I still find this part of the world attractive. See my WalkMalta website.

I hope you enjoy reading about them, and viewing the photographs. Maybe they will give you ideas for future walks, or bring back memories.

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